My collection expresses the fascination I have with nature through ornamentation. Nothing is more sublime than the unrestrained beauty and ferocity of nature - its complexity and its abundance. Ornamentation and decoration are the human expression of nature’s sacrality, an ode to life itself. 

 Nature is a full sensory experience - the blurred colour, the smells, the light, the buzz of insects. The sculptural quality of both macro and micro are experienced all at once - the intricate up-close climbing rose, and the blur of trees swaying in the distance. To me there is nothing more romantic, and nothing more luxury than the thirst for life that is inevitable in nature. In my time at the RCA I was influenced by an intense desire to infect sterile white spaces with nature - and to allow unrestrained beauty to rein in its full glory. 

Thank you to Sophie Hallette Lace and Kopenhagen Fur for sponsoring my final collection. 

Photography by Marc Hankins, Model Tsiu-Kim Bagan. Jewellery by Jessica Pass