The AW/2019 collection is inspired by 3 muses - Bernini’s Daphne, Dadd’s Bacchanalian Woman and Hebert’s Ophelia - 3 artworks of mythical women who exude an enigmatic, wild beauty.

To create a modern wardrobe for her muses, Rose began with an obsessive investigation of colour - every painted print in the collection is the result of hundreds of digital recolours and transformations to achieve the perfect combination of richness and freshness. Rose further researched Old Master and Victorian paintings which were collaged together to create surreal imagery, and which are combined with sculptural tailoring and sleek jersey to create graphic luxurious garments.

The sumptuously coloured prints are mixed with lace embroideries, ostrich feather nets, hand-painted sequins, plush fringed faux furs and sculptural painted resin basket woven hats by Jo Miller to create an eccentric elegance that oozes opulence.

Hats by Jo Miller, Jewellery by Jessica Pass 

Photography by Marc Hankins, Art Direction by Alison Hope Murray, Styling by Robbie van Mierlo, Makeup & hair by Gareth Harris