A Manifesto for Rewilding

Rose’s MA collection expresses the fascination she has with nature through ornamentation. Nothing is more sublime than the unrestrained beauty and ferocity of nature - its complexity and its abundance. Ornamentation and decoration are the human expression of nature’s sacrality, an ode to life itself.

Nature is a full sensory experience - the blurred colour, the smells, the light, the buzz of insects. The sculptural quality of both macro and micro are experienced all at once - the intricate up-close climbing rose, and the blur of trees swaying in the distance. To me there is nothing more romantic, and nothing more luxury than the thirst for life that is inevitable in nature. 

Rose detests ‘clean’ ‘simple’ things, and sterile white spaces. A large part of realising who she is, and what her work is, was in fantasies of infecting these spaces around her with life. Nature is inherently aggressive - while it is romantic, joyful and often serene it is also pervasive and determined. When I interpret nature into ornamentation on my clothes - it takes on this wild quality. The decoration is not just stuck on - it’s grown on. This gives new context to the clothes - they are aggressive and confronting, and they are also joyful and luscious, they represent what Rose consider nature to be. 

Rose’s clothes are in a state of rewilding - she infects the clothes with rich colourful textiles, giving them life. She grows embroideries over graphic and sculptural silhouettes to emphasise and contrast the organic and the built landscape, and create textural ecosystems.