I was 1 part of 5 in MOAM Collective 2018, where a group of young fashion graduates come together to make a collection. The other designers were Maximiliano Ruelas, Roos Boshart, Robbie van Meirlo and Catherine le Therisien. Together we made 'The Chimaeric Manifesto', a 24-look fashion collection shown in Amsterdam in March 2018. A chimaera is a mythological creature constructed from many different animals, that together forms a strange but beautiful creature: both restrictively distorted, and also imaginatively free. Our collection explores the complex relationship between restriction and freedom, through acts of transformation. We were inspired by our experiences at the MOAM Collective project, which is incredibly freeing as we create work without the financial and intellectual limits, but also restrictive as we all share control of this collection, no one person can do what they would do alone.